Company history

In the beginning, taking advantage of the solutions developed by the parent company, Daldehog Poland specialized mainly in the construction, reconstruction, renovation and service works related to petrol stations.

Commisioned by the largest investors in the sector: Statoil, Shell, Texaco, Conoco and Gdansk Refinery, the company has built, as General Contractor, high-quality buildings, amongst which was the first Statoil petrol station in Poland. In spite of short and tough time schedules, Daldehog complied with all terms and conditions of the agreements, thanks to which professionalism and precision has become their hallmark on the market.

Over the following years, the company gradually expanded its activities, gaining an extensive portfolio of construction, repair and adaptation work across all segments of industrial construction, creating a comprehensive range of numerous investments.

In years 1997 - 2001 the company constructed over 200 base stations for Polish PTC, cooperating, among others, with Ericsson and NETIA. The work included both: the installation of transceiver devices on the roofs and chimneys and implementation of the projects of complete base stations with 36-84 m high steel towers. Investments were executed comprehensively - from location search, through design, obtaining permits, construction and installation works, to performing measurements and obtaining certificates of occupancy.

In 1999, the company has also begun cooperating with the KappAhl brand, which has become one of the main clients for the next 10 years. This contract begun the construction of modern stores in shopping malls throughout the country. The construction included a complete interior arrangement, installation and finishing work not only for KappAhl stores, but also for brand such as: C&A, H&M, Adidas, Benetton and Olay.

In the years 2000 - 2002, thanks to the cooperation with the Swedish parent company, Daldehog Poland won prestigious contracts for the expansion and renovation of the Swedish Embassy in Poland and the construction of Volvo headquarters and showroom in Warsaw. Among the executed work there were also a general renovation and reconstruction of Lovells office spaces and exclusive office interiors in the building of the Hyatt Regency in Warsaw.

Rapid implementation and meticulous fulfillment of the contracts allowed the company to gain strong credentials that brought them important contracts from new clients. Among the investors which started working with the company are: Renault, Lidl, Tesco, NORAUTO, Peugeot, Leroy Merlin. In order to meet the new challenges, Daldehog Poland had to significantly boost its performance capabilities, reorganizing its work by increasing the pool of trusted suppliers and subcontractors. All investments were successful and Daldehog Poland has implemented a plan to expand the range of their activities of industrial construction.

Company today

In December 2009, the managerial buyout of Daldehog Poland from the NCC AB group took place.

Currently Daldehog Poland executes numerous investments for its main customers as well as new investors, and is regarded as a strong and stable construction company, which truly fulfills its obligations and professionally performs their work.

What distinguishes Daldehog Poland, is a combination of the world-famous Swedish-style of construction and proven "know how" with the knowledge and skills of qualified Polish engineers and construction workers, as well as a good knowledge of the building market and the latest technologies, high quality of work, reliability and timely fulfillment of contracts.

A wide range of competences and the company’s philosophy - which assumes that takes a holistic approach to the executed tasks, is a guarantee of comprehensive solutions for investors and of full commitment at every stage of the construction process - from an idea through its design to its implementation.

Development plans

Despite the well-established position on the market, many professionally executed orders and wide offer for investors, the company is open to new challenges and is constantly expanding, continuously increasing its capacity.

To take larger investment projects in terms of both - volume and value, Daldehog Poland is implementing advanced development plans aimed at increasing the efficiency and capacity through appropriate selection of new subcontractors and improving workers skills.

Thanks to the recent decision to extend the headquarters, the company will also create new work places for the future engineers.

In addition, in 2017 a new subsidiary was established under the name Daldehog Intl, based in Wrocław, whose area of operation is the implementation of construction contracts in Germany and in the south – western part of Poland.

Our clients